Analysis of Raw Materials & Consumer Products

Our company’s operations can be classified as follows:

  • Laboratory analysis of raw materials and consumer products
  • Water analysis (raw & treated) & water engineering/Treatment consultancy
  • Soil analysis
  • Waste water (Liquid Effluents/Sewage) analysis
  • Solid waste analysis
  • Air quality analysis/monitoring
  • Nutritional Information Analysis
  • Heavy metals analysis
  • Mycotoxins analysis- Aflatoxins, Ochratoxins, Pesticides residue, Cholesterol,
  • Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH), Vitamins profile analysis, Amino
  • acids profile, Fatty acids composition (Saturated & Unsaturated fatty acids),
  • Essential oil etc using instrumentation (GC/HPLC) methods.
  • Swab microbial testing
  • Environmental Air monitoring microbial testing,
  • Pathogen environmental monitoring testing
Analysis of Raw Materials & Consumer Products

Our Certificate of Analysis serves as

  1. An authoritative source of information on the quality of products or raw materials
  2. A pre-requisite for registration of consumer products with NAFDAC as well as for SON/NIS MANCAP product certification of consumer products by SON.
  3. A pre-requisite for the inspection of Export and Import consignments by NAFDAC, SON, FMEnv or any other Government Regulatory agency.

Continuous Analysis

We have at hand, contractual agreements with some of our clients for continuous analysis of raw materials and finished products on batch-to-batch basis.
We play advisory role to a great number of manufacturers and importers in registering their products with NAFDAC.

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We are always available for YOU Request for an Analysis