SARTORIUS Analytical Balance (0.0001g x 220g range), model: BCE224L-1S

752N UV-VISIBLE Spectrophotometer, model Q/YXLZ51-2010

Flame Photometer, Make: Corning, Model 410

OMSZOV Digital Laboratory Electric furnace, big size , model: TYP:OH-85TR

 UNISCOPE Digital Hot Air Oven, medium, Model SM9023, Surgifriend Medicals


OHAUS Electronic Top loading balance, 0.01g to 400g, Model: Scout SE402F

CITIGENS Electronic Top loading balance, 1g to 5kg.


JINOTECH HH-6 digital water bath with 6 holes

DFS HH-6 digital water bath with 6 holes

OHAUS MB45 Moisture Analyzer

LAB-TECH photoelectric digital Colorimeter for all colorimetric analysis

HANNA pH & temperature Bench meter, model: HI 2210

UNISCOPE digital bench top pH meter, model PHS-3B, Surgifriend Medicals

Standard Test Sieves ASTM (set of 6) for particle size/sieve analysis.

 ELECTROTHERMAL heating mantle

MILWAUKEE digital hand-held (MA871) Refractometer, Range: 0-85% Brix

ATAGO digital hand-held Refractometer, Range: 0-85% Brix

 GALLENKOMP Automatic Water Distiller, Model No. SZ-1, 2L/Hr

MITUTOYO Vanier caliper, 12 inches


MITUTOYO Vanier caliper, 12 inches

UDIAN Murffle Furnace (big size), model: SX-5-12


ACURITE Thermo-Hygrometer for Temperature & Humidity measurement

Midea (large) Deep freezer/refrigerators for preservation of perishable samples

Thermo Orion digital benchtop pH meter, model: A111

Fat apparatus (Soxhlet Extractors & Werner-Schmid (acid hydrolysis) methods)

Kjeldahl distillation setup for Total Nitrogen/Protein determination

Burettes, volumetric & conical flasks, beakers & other Lab wares & safety gadgets.

Fume Cupboard with extractor fan

Porcelain mortar/pestle and electric blender & Desiccators with lid