OHAUS Analytical balance (0.0001g x 110g range), model PA124 (2014)

Microtek INVERTER (3.6KVA) uninterrupted power generation system

3Nos UNISCOPE Digital Incubator (80L), model SM9082, Surgifriend Medicals

UNISCOPE Digital Hot Air Oven, big, model SM9053, Surgifriend Medicals

1No. SUNLINE Analogue Incubator with Thermometer, size one

UV-Light sterilizer:-used for sterilizing the Inoculation room


1No. AISET Digital Laboratory Incubator (75L), model DNP-9072-1A, YLD-2000

Portable Autoclave 2Nos (Steam pressure disinfection, Model: YX-280A)

Olympus binocular biological microscope, model CHA, XSZ-107BN

Table Top Laminar Flow Hood, Model :VD-650

GULFEX Hot-Air Oven, 75Litres, Model: DHG-9202-1S

ACURITE Thermo-Hygrometer for Temperature & Humidity measurement

ELBA Automatic electric sterilizer Oven, size one

OHAUS Electronic Top loading balance, 0.01g to 400g, Model: Scout SE402F

Refrigerator (Small): – for storage and preservation of perishable samples.

Hisense, 100DR (Medium) fridge/freezer for preservation of perishable media.

E.W.M digital colony counter